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Dongguan KeHong Electronic Co.,LtdThe company in 1997 through the ISO-9002 quality control system certification, made UL, CSA, VDE, and other high-quality, high-quality inspection equipment, the company has introduced advanced production lines, SEV, SEMKO, DEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO, CQC and other multi-national safety standard certification. The Ministry of constantly enhance the technical force, the management of continuous improvement so that products in high-quality, high standards, "IEC" basis, to ensure the best price-effectiveness ratio!

Products include: ceramic capacitors, plastic capacitors, metal film capacitors, X2 capacitors, chip monolithic ceramic capacitors, chip precision resistors, chip tantalum capacitors, chip inductors, multi-layer ferrite chip beads, Electrolytic capacitors, transistors and military electronics parts, etc. ... Product coverage areas: mobile communications, computer, automotive electronics, digital home appliances......[Details]

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